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29 January
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I am Carah Crosier, and I am just 18 years old. I am in love with a United States Marine, his name is LCpl Daniel Mitchell. We have been together for over 2 years now, and he has been a Marine for just 1 year. I will probably post more about being in a relationship with someone in the military more than I will anything else. This is my life, and this is what I am. I make myself dedicated to who he is and what he does. I stay back home waiting for when he will return back to me. I love him, and I miss him every second of everyday.
I am going to college to study Radiography, because I want to help people. It is also a job that will move around, wherever I have to move around to. I also have a deep passion for photography. It's like my soul mate sometimes. I take pictures of everything that walks, crawls, breaths, or just stands still. I would love to make a second hand career or hobby out of photography.
I'm a very complicated young woman, more over of OCD than anything. I am very obsessive compulsive, when it comes to dirt. I hate dirt. It is nasty. I absolutely hate bugs, and definitely moths. I absolutely hate chocolate, even the disgusting smell that comes along with it. I love to read books, and write stories of my own.
When it comes to writing letters, you better believe I'm down for it. I could write 2, 3, 20, or more letters in one day. Especially when it comes to writing them to my love.
My friend Geena, and I decided that we would blog together, and it definitely has been coming in handy. ;)
I will tell my life story in my blogs. :D so get to know me.