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The Girls who Stand in The same Style Shoes I do. ♥
Well as I have said, I am a Marine's girlfriend. No matter if I am a Marine's girlfriend, or any other branch, I'd stick by him, and only him, besides my girls boyfriends/husbands. Also, the boys that are my friends who serve right along with the others.
I just wanted to vent about my girls, and who they are.
1) - Geena; she's my virginian-er. She is an Army girlfriend, and his name is Danny. Right now he is serving his term over in Iraq. But in a little over a month-ish he will be returning home to her. She is so dedicated to him. I love getting on facebook and reading their love story. Their love story as in being everything they post about each other or to each other. It's quite inspiring, if I say so myself. She always says, "She's his soldier back home, and he is her soldier." She is deeply in love with him. We can just sit on facebook and talk about those boys of ours all day long, back and forth, and usually we don't repeat what we've already said. She's strong, compassionate, and truly dedicated to love, honor, courage within every tribulation of distance.
2)-Caitlin; she's from Michigan, the Mitten. She's also a Marine girlfriend. She has yet to go through a lot of tribulations of how the Marine Corps treats and abuses orders. She did go through some rough patterns of when her Marine was to graduate, and even through all the stress she stuck it out, and pushed right on through! Her and I, well we're just alike, besides the fact she's brown headed, and I'm a blond. She's ditzy just like me. She loves her Marine, and definitely takes it with a sense of pride.
3)- Brittany Butler; she's from Louisiana. She's very in love with her Marine. Even though they've had some hard rough patches like us all. She loves him more and more everyday. She is about to soon be in the shoes of deployment. I know she is strong willed and can do anything that is set on her plate.
4)- Amy; she's from New York. We've gotten to know each other over the past two months. Her Marine is her biggest inspiration. She'd set everything down, and marry him right now if she could. Their marriage is set for June of 2011. Amy, went into this style of relationship when he was already a Marine (I do believe). Even though she wasn't with him before, she loves him. She's more willing to put her life in a set situation or really an unknown type situation lifestyle, because she knows he's the one. There's not much to say about Amy, besides the fact I know no matter what I can confide in her (along with my other girls).
5)- Emily Lackey; she's from Virgina as well. We graduated high school together. I was probably one of the people who helped her through boot camp stage. Her and John, are getting married this coming October. It was going to be January, but of course, something always gets ruined by the Marine Corps. She's strong as well, and she works hard for everything they have and will have, the same goes for him. They've been best friend for years, and it took a couple times dating different people before they realized they were made for each other. Their story is rather intriguing. It hasn't been a complete year being together as a couple, but this is the couple that needs to be vowed in together. It's a Godsend. They both love each other very dearily.
6)-Taylor; she's from DC. She's in love with a Marine named Adam. This girl will text me and tell me how much she misses him. That she cannot wait to be with this boy she loves so dearly. Soon enough she's going to travel to see him. I know she's a little excited. I also get to meet her very soon. I'm a little stoked about that as well. Taylor, she's different. She has a heart of gold, and she will listen to any problem you have or need help with. She's understanding to every little detail (same with Geena*).

This isn't a list of all my girls, and they're not in order. There is no specific order to them, because to me they're all my "SemperFi Sisters" because they're al faithful to their soldier or their Marine.
Most girls who are in a military relationship are very understanding. No matter your problem, if it is a problem at home, school, drama on facebook, or anything they are always there.
I love them all so very much.
Girls: we always say, "Distance doesn't mean anything when it comes to love. No matter the miles, no matter what kind of hardship, we will stand by our men and support them. We will never be a foot or an inch behind them, we're always going to take every step they take even if we're not really there with them." :)


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