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Daniel Seth Mitchell ♥
Yet again I am blogging about the love of my life. It's going to be compliments, simple, touchy things that I love about him.
Has perfect brown eyes. :)
Short stubly brown hair.
Is taller than I.
Is about the same waist size.
Has sun freckles.
Has a farmers tan.
Is miles away.
Has a big heart. ♥
Is a Marine.
Looks amazing in dress blues.
Wears cammies perfectly.
Wears cammies with honor.
Wears combat boots.
Has dogtags of his own.
Gave me dogtags to wear.
(I wear them close to my ♥).
Wears Oakleys amazingly. ;D
Loves me for me.
Is very romantic.
Will do anything for me.
Always knows what to say.
Does a lot for me.
Fights for what he believes.
Has a perfect smile. :)
Again, has amazing eyes. ;)
Has the perfect touch.
Has hands bigger than mine.
Has a perfect chest to lay on.
Is an amazing cook.
Holds me gently.
Knows how to comfort me.
Has a tender & loving side.
Can be an ass at times. ;)
Calls me Bear. ♥
Doesn't spell great at all. ;)
Makes me wanna marry him. ;)
Is who I want to be the father my (our) kids.
Is very HANDSOME. :D
Is my 'Studly'.
Has a wild side. ;)
Is perfect under the sheets.
Has bed skills. ;)
Has an unexplainable touch.
Is so so funny.
Has an amazing laugh!
Hates to see me cry.
Says no crying, unless he's there with me.
Wipes away my tears, even miles away.
Makes perfect love. ;)
Has the PERFECT voice.
Is sweet & kind.
Can sing amazingly.
Calls to sing to me, sometimes.
Calls me a lot.
Has the perfect goodnight.
Makes me smile.
Gives me butterflies.
Makes my heart rush.
Gives me the love rush. ♥
Believes in war, not peace.
Fights for your freedom.
Loves my heart.
Kisses my tummy.
Whispers ♥ in my ears.
Loves the good night kiss.
Kisses me oh so perfectly.
Makes me want more of him.
Loves his family.
Loves mainly everyone.
Loves his brother/bf Jeramy.
Stole my ♥ from the start.
Makes me wish on stars.
Never gives up.
Has the bestest hugs ever.
Gives me confidence.
Believes in me, & my goals. :)
Always reassures me.
Keeps me positive.
Keeps promises secured.
Stays on my mind 24/7.
Is in my dreams.
Is the light to my darkness.
Let's me confide in him.
Listens to my problems.
Listens to my dreams.
Has a fantastic personality.
Has a sense of humor.
Doesn't know how much I love him.
Thinks he knows. ;)
Is my picture mate.
Is my brain stalker. ;)
Is my heart roommate.
Is sexy.
Is cute.
Makes me all giddy.
Is everything I love.
Is what God made him to be.
Is everything & so much more.

He's got the best features, personality, actions, & love. He's so much more then these words I've written down.
♥ I love him.... :)
Today has been 28 exact months since I said I'd be his girl. :)

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