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The Little Girl I once knew...
This little girl I once knew, seemed quite like the girl I know now. Who is the little girl? This little girl is me.
Teresa, my mom, was pregnant with a little girl named Carah Catherine. They weren't expecting her till about February 13, but on January 29, 1992, they rushed to the hospital. Around 14:30 my mom started her labor, expecting her child. About 23:41 this little girl was born, and they were more excited than ever. She was 21 inches long and weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces. Paul, my dad, was about to cut the embical cord when the doctor rushed in saying they were about to go into labor with another child. Yes, my parents freaked. Than 21 minutes after the first girl was born, they birthed another little girl. The second little girl measured in at 21 inches long, and weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces.
Cathy, my mom's sister, pointed out that the first girl would be Catherine. She than decided the middle name to be Elizabeth, but Teresa changed the spelling to an s instead of a z. The second girl would be Carah, but they still hadn't figured out the middle name. The next day, Paul came into the room with Teresa, and the 2 new little ones in his life, and said, "If Bradley, (my second oldest brother), was a girl weren't we going to name him Ashley? So let's name her Carah Ashley." This is how I came into the world.
When they called, Teresa's parents, my grandparents Whited, my grandfather had answered the phone. My mom said, "We had girls!" My grandfather said, "Oh boy, a girl." Mom said, "No daddy, we had girls, pluralized." He said, "Here talk to your mom, I'm confused and don't quite understand what you're saying." Finally, my grandma had figured out what my mom was saying, that they had two girls not just one. My grandfather had rushed out to make another handmade table. He also "had" to buy a double stroller. My grandmother had to make another quilt and afghan.
Adam, my eldest brother, was excited to have not just one sister to come home, but two. He thought the two sisters were going to clean for him, so he wouldn't have chores to do, but he thought wrong.
As a child, my parents split when I was four. My dad left my mom hanging while she was at church on a Wednesday night, and he also had many affairs on her. Oh well that's the past.
Adam, used to stay with my dad's parents most of the time. So he basically grew up there. When my parents split in June, my mom and us four kids moved from "our" house to a house across the street from her parents. My dad had left and took us to his parents house, until my mom moved out. He refurbished the house, and did some minor detail work. When we finally moved back in the house in January, our house burnt June 1 of 2001. We moved back in with his parents. When it was our time to be with him, we were staying at my grandparents. I went back and forth every Thursday to each house. One week with my mom and the next week with my dad. I never moved schools, or countys.
My dad remarried in May of 2003, and has been married ever since. My mom remarried November of 2006. They just got their divorce finalized a little less than a month ago. He was in our life for money. My mom is now in debt, lives a rough life because of the harshness he created. He's not very nice mannered, especially to punch me in the side of the face on Thanksgiving day of 2008.
I'm not saying my dad's the best, because he surely isn't much of a father. He never paid doctor bills, insurances, bought school supplies or helped clothe our backs. I've saw him crucially harm my brothers. Not much detail into that, but the matter of the word is, he was never a real father in the first place, just our "sperm donor".
I grew up with my bestest friend Savanna, who's 18, married, has two kids of her own. She was a high school dropout as well. Some friends just never cease to amaze you, especially when you look back and never imagined to have pictured today like it is happening or has happened lately.
I've only had a "few" boyfriend's in my life. Nothing really major, until two & a half years ago when I started dating the love of my life. He's my bestest friend ever.
My grandparents would pick us up and take Catherine and I to church.I grew up in church since then; I've went from Methodist to Pentecostal, back to Methodist, and like my momma always said, once you go Holiness Pentecostal, you never go back. She definitely told the truth when she said that. I know go to a Pentecostal style church. I love God, with everything in me. I'm not a perfect christian, and nor will I ever be. I try my hardest to be what is expected from our holy word. I have the power of annointing, and I have spoken in tongues before. I have always believed in the Holy Spirit not the Holy Ghost, because the spirit of God is no Ghost. Ghosts to me are mythical and devilish like. God is no devil, he's the real deal. I carry God on my heart.
I have went to the same public school system my whole life. Not the best school, but I've been educated to my desire, and I plan on furthing my education in college.
When I was a young girl, I had vision problems. My mom never believed me, and still didn't when the nurses wrote home how bad my vision was. It took her three years to take me to the eye doctor and to realize I couldn't see. She definitely apologized for that manner she mis-inhabited. So I've wore glasses almost ten years now.
I don't really have much to say, about my life growing up as a child. Memories are just images in your mind created and to be remember from the past. Memories are also there in a way to help us look back on what we've done or said, and it's more of a life lesson to recall the mistakes we once made.


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