The Man they called Bill
The man they called Bill. He was definitely no ordinary man of this world. He was different, complete, sarcastic, and most of all stubborn. How to explain his religious views? That's a tough one. He was more into God, than the people you see in church these days, this is no lie. The stories he told would prove it to you too. If you walked into his house, the first question he would ask was "do you know who Jesus is, or do you believe in Jesus Christ?" If you didn't, you sure did when you walked out those doors. He believed in the word, and he loved God with his whole heart.
His real name was Carl William Whited. He was born and raised in Rich Creek, Va. His birthday is August 22, 1929. This man was not only my grandfather, but more over the term my "best friend". If I had a problem he was always there. Not just to comfort me, but to make me laugh.
When my parents divorced, my mom and us four kids moved right across the street from them. The distance consisted of no more than 200-300 feet from each others door step.
Writing about this just bring back memories of the old fart. ;)
One time, my mom, my sister, and I were sitting on their couch. My grandfather of course was in his chair. The phone began ringing, and my grandfather picked it up, and said, "Hello." I was staring at him wondering who the heck could he be talking to. All of a sudden, my grandfather says, "Hold on just one minute. I'm so mad I could eat fried chicken, now if you call back again, I will fart in the phone." My mom and I started cracking up so hard, we were in the floor laughing. Well this is after we dropped our mouths at what he had just spoke in the phone. He then winked at me, telling me it was just one of those old recordings. He was the biggest hoot I'd ever met. He always said, "If your butt itches, well then scratch it. Even if it's in public. If you got to fart, then let em' rip."
He meant every word he ever said. There were times the ol' man made me cry, maybe just once or twice or three times, nothing that made a big deal. I just never wanted to hear what he had to say, because I was hardheaded.
He would always sit and tell stories of his brother Laroy, not Lee-Roy, but Luh-Roy. He was raised on the farm like most of the old folks these days. He talked about walking home to school from the school bus or from the school house. His brother and his brothers friends always had it in for Bill. My Uncle "Bunt", Laroy, would beat the snot of my grandfather. One time Bunt was sitting on him, after they'd knocked him to the ground and was choking my grandpa. Papaw said, "If I could have reached that rock that was laying close by my hand, I would have grabbed, and I would have killed Bunt that day." But he didn't. Times changed after that. They never really got along, but they dealt with the fact they were getting older and things needed to change.
Papaw always called his cell phone, the radio. He would always watch baseball games on tv, or watch shows about trains. See, he worked on the railroad since he was about 19 years old. He worked there till he was about 60. My grandma, Virginia Love, lived in the same area he did, but they both had dropped out of school, so they didn't know each other real well. My grandma's friends dared her to call up my grandfather one day and invite him to church. Papaw said he'd be there. He didn't lie either, he had a real far walk to the church, but he made it. My grandma was in shock too. They began dating, and got married when they were both 19, on Christmas day in 1948.
My grandfather taught me how to play rummy. I still remember that old roughed up pink stool my grandparents had. We'd pull it right over in front of his chair, and I'd sit on the old muggy colored looking carpet, while he sat in his chair. We'd play cards for hours on end, using that stool as our table. We'd always play to 500. He taught me every trick in the book to rummy, when you're floating, when to call out rummy, when to lay down a hand, just the simple rules that helped you win the game. I may have won once or twice, but of course he usually always out beat me.
His favorite holiday was Easter, he loved it more then the kids did. Every Easter, he'd wake up early before church, and hide eggs. Some had money in them. If you found those you were pretty lucky. At the end of finding all the eggs, the children would count up their change. Papaw always dug down into those blue dickie pants pockets of his, and made sure each grandchild had roughly the same amount of money as the others had.
Every time I would walk through that sliding front door of his, he stuck out his cheek. I knew what that meant, he wanted his usual sugars on the cheek. So I'd kiss him every time. Gah, he had the best hugs known to man. I still remember sitting at the kitchen table, and asking Papaw to hand me the sugar. He definitely didn't hand me the sugar, he came up to where was sitting and kissed me on the cheek, and said there's your sugar. I laugh at it to this very day. Of course, he did eventually hand me the sugar bowl.
Him and my grandmother decided that they would get the walkie talkies that went up to about 10 mi in distance, so when papaw went out, he would have those along with his "radio". Well one day, my mom and Papaw had the walkie talkies out playing around with them. This dude came across them and said who's this? Papaw said, "this is ol' John boy." The guy said, "where are you?" Papaw said, "out behind the barn." That guy kept on a talking, and my mom came on there and said something. That dude liked to have had a cow through those walkie talkies. He was like there was a woman on here the whole time? They had a ball out of messing with this random guy on those hand held devices.
My grandfather loved to camp. If it would have been up to him, he would have sold their house and moved away in their camper. They had their house built about 49 years ago. My grandmother still lives there, and she wants to die there.
His mother, who lived in Honaker, VA, grew to be very ill in about 2003. Her great grandson, Landon, had come home from his visit to California. He raked her leaves, and were going to bag them up, and put them at the trash pick-up. My great granny was so uptight, that she wouldn't even let him bag the leaves. So after he left, she decided to burn them herself. She tripped on a log, and fell into the fire. Her legs being most surrounded by the burning flames, she couldn't pull herself out. She was an 92 year laying in her front yard, with no neighbors home, laying in the fire screaming. She laid there for almost three hours, before any one found her. After that, my grandfather took trips to stay with her. He helped her out, like a son should do. In 2005, she was in taco bell, with my grandfather's sister Charlotte. They rushed her to the Emergency Room, because she had had a stroke. She had never really been ill or hospitalized till then, besides when she got third degree burns. She laid there for two weeks. She died March 20, 2005. She was 94 and 3 days old. My grandfather was having to be carried out of the funeral home. It was a sad and depressing time. Two months later, on May 27, my grandfather felt magnificent. He took my grandmother yard saling that day. Everything was alright. Then my neighbor Nancy needed a screw driver, so he walked out to his building and got her one. When he was walking back up his porch steps, he fell, and had a lot of pain in his chest. They finally rushed him to the hospital. They ended up calling code blue, and shocking him back to life. He had suffered two massive heart attacks in just the time scale of one hour. They rushed him to Roanoke Memorial Hospital to put a stent in his heart blockage. They later ended up putting a pacemaker/difibulator in to keep his heart beating on track. My mom, and grandmother drove to Roanoke everyday, and back for three straight months.
They finally brought him home, but his health was never the same. He could hardly leave the house, without taking his stroll along oxygen tank again. He didn't get to camp again either. They eventually sent him back to Roanoke to tighten a screw in his pacemaker, but they put him to sleep. After that, his health treaded even further down hill. He would have to take regular visits to the hospital so that they could draw the fluid that was building up around his lungs. Toward the end, they started drawing liters of it at a time in just the period of a day. He came back home in August 2006. He was put on best rest, and Lincare to care of him. He laid in that hospital bed for weeks. I still remember everything from 4 years ago. He would hallucinate, beat the wall at night, and tell people to shut up outside. There was nobody really outside. He just "heard" them. One time, he told me to move the blue basket that was like in the floor, you just had to go along with what he told you to do. Then he had this dome, like the capital building, piggy bank. It was filled full of quarters. He requested that I count the quarters, because he "had" a $100 in it. When I counted, he only had $99.25. So I went around the house, and found three quarters so that he'd have his exact $100. That made him happy. He also said he had a quarter in his pocket, so mom always put one in there so he wouldn't get mad that it had gone missing. I never expected to be 14 years old, and seeing my grandfather lying in a hospital bed in his own home.
We went to my dads every Thursday. So the 21 of September in 2006, I was getting ready to head to school, and I was going to my dad's that day so I went down there to say good-bye.
Well he began bugging me, and asking why wasn't I at school. Wasn't I going to be late? I was like no papaw, I am about to leave, I just came down here for my kisses.
I went to my dads that afternoon. The next morning, we made our usual route to my dads parents, and hit the sack for an extra hour and a half of sleep, before we went to school. I hear the phone ringing in the kitchen, and my dads dad answering it. I was like, hum wonder who could be calling at this hour. My grandfather came in there and said girls your dad just called. Sorry to be the one to inform you, but your grandfather passed about 5;23 this morning. He said that dad said we didn't have to go to school if we didn't want to, but we did. Catherine, my sister, and I were trying to eat a little breakfast, even though I really don't eat breakfast. My brother, William, came into the kitchen and saw that my face was flushed red, and Catherine was crying into Papaw Crosiers arms. Will asked what was going on, and why had Catherine and I been crying. We explained. That was the hardest day of my life.
I still remember I was hyper at the viewing service. The day of his funeral, I couldn't hold myself together. I miss him dearly. Mom said he had said he was only going to live three more days. When the pastor came to see him, he told them that he was waiting to see someone. The only person they could think of was my Uncle Bunt.
When my great grandmother passed away, Bunt, and my grandfather would call each other 2-3 in a day, everyday. They grew closer. So mom called up Uncle Bunt, and told her what they believed. She told him, he was the only one papaw hadn't seen in a while, they he needed to come visit. Uncle Bunt showed up that Thursday night. Mom said papaws face was a glow, that they knew they'd found the answer. The next morning when papaw passed, Bunt packed his clothes and left. He was in so much shock. He came back to visit, for the funeral and such.
My grandfather was the best. Two weeks before he passed away, he said there would be a big incident happen, like a shooting, while Bush was still president. Well about 7 months later, the shooting at Virginia Tech happened.
Just knowing that he's not here, to support me, and help me when I get a boo boo. Because he always doctored my sores. He was my own special doctor.
Daniel, my love, always reminds me how much he wishes he could have met my grandfather. I know my grandfather would be very happy in the choice I made in finding the "perfect" boy. I wish every single day, that Daniel could have also met him.
Just knowing my grandfather isn't sitting in his chair to push out his cheek for me to kiss. He's wasn't here to watch me graduate, and to receive my diploma. He's not here to watch me one day walk down the aisle. I always wanted him to give me away. Deep in my heart he will be the one giving me away. He's not here to watch me raise my kids. He always cheered me on, and said I'd make something of myself. When I'm doing something I stop and think of him, and if he would be proud. When we go to gospel singings and blue grass, I remember him singing. It still lingers on to this day. Him and his omnicord, boy was he good at it.

He's my guardian Angel in heaven. He's better of where he's at, walking the gold path. He's sitting at the right hand of the father. God needed him more than we did.

I miss you papaw.
08-22-29; to 09-22-06. ♥

Daniel Seth Mitchell ♥
Yet again I am blogging about the love of my life. It's going to be compliments, simple, touchy things that I love about him.
Has perfect brown eyes. :)
Short stubly brown hair.
Is taller than I.
Is about the same waist size.
Has sun freckles.
Has a farmers tan.
Is miles away.
Has a big heart. ♥
Is a Marine.
Looks amazing in dress blues.
Wears cammies perfectly.
Wears cammies with honor.
Wears combat boots.
Has dogtags of his own.
Gave me dogtags to wear.
(I wear them close to my ♥).
Wears Oakleys amazingly. ;D
Loves me for me.
Is very romantic.
Will do anything for me.
Always knows what to say.
Does a lot for me.
Fights for what he believes.
Has a perfect smile. :)
Again, has amazing eyes. ;)
Has the perfect touch.
Has hands bigger than mine.
Has a perfect chest to lay on.
Is an amazing cook.
Holds me gently.
Knows how to comfort me.
Has a tender & loving side.
Can be an ass at times. ;)
Calls me Bear. ♥
Doesn't spell great at all. ;)
Makes me wanna marry him. ;)
Is who I want to be the father my (our) kids.
Is very HANDSOME. :D
Is my 'Studly'.
Has a wild side. ;)
Is perfect under the sheets.
Has bed skills. ;)
Has an unexplainable touch.
Is so so funny.
Has an amazing laugh!
Hates to see me cry.
Says no crying, unless he's there with me.
Wipes away my tears, even miles away.
Makes perfect love. ;)
Has the PERFECT voice.
Is sweet & kind.
Can sing amazingly.
Calls to sing to me, sometimes.
Calls me a lot.
Has the perfect goodnight.
Makes me smile.
Gives me butterflies.
Makes my heart rush.
Gives me the love rush. ♥
Believes in war, not peace.
Fights for your freedom.
Loves my heart.
Kisses my tummy.
Whispers ♥ in my ears.
Loves the good night kiss.
Kisses me oh so perfectly.
Makes me want more of him.
Loves his family.
Loves mainly everyone.
Loves his brother/bf Jeramy.
Stole my ♥ from the start.
Makes me wish on stars.
Never gives up.
Has the bestest hugs ever.
Gives me confidence.
Believes in me, & my goals. :)
Always reassures me.
Keeps me positive.
Keeps promises secured.
Stays on my mind 24/7.
Is in my dreams.
Is the light to my darkness.
Let's me confide in him.
Listens to my problems.
Listens to my dreams.
Has a fantastic personality.
Has a sense of humor.
Doesn't know how much I love him.
Thinks he knows. ;)
Is my picture mate.
Is my brain stalker. ;)
Is my heart roommate.
Is sexy.
Is cute.
Makes me all giddy.
Is everything I love.
Is what God made him to be.
Is everything & so much more.

He's got the best features, personality, actions, & love. He's so much more then these words I've written down.
♥ I love him.... :)
Today has been 28 exact months since I said I'd be his girl. :)

the usage of "fml"
Well I have some venting issues, and today it seems most importantly about the usage of "fml".
What does this "fml" everyone is using these days truly mean? It stands for f**k my life.
Now seriously why use it? There's no need in saying such words,especially to the public, such as facebook, myspace, twitter, texting, etc.
My point meaning, why would you or someone else want to f'(screw) your life up? There's kids in Africa or foreign nations starving. There's kids and people walking around in terror at the site of their home, their land, their country be in a brutal war, that has been continuing for 9 years. There's kids who don't have homes, or kids who don't have parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or relatves who'll take care of them and give them a warm blanket to sleep under, and hot, warm, fresh food to eat and drink. There's kids or adults as well, who don't have clothes to change everyday, or a washer to wash them in. There's families who can't afford to send their kids or anyone to a school to gather some education.

Most of us, have the luxery to watch tv, eat nice freshly cooked food, take a warm bath everyday to 2 or 3 times a day. Some of us, have clothes we can change into for bed time, to go on dates, to be comfortable, or just to hit the town. We have warm cozy, non-holy/ripped, washed blankets to sleep under. Most of the world's population has been to school and are sending their kids of to school without worrying everyday whether their kid is getting the education they need.

We have it pretty darn good, if we're sitting here typing up blogs about how much we hate this, what we did as a kid, who we're going to marry or are married to at the current point in time. We have some luxery as well, even if our computers and phones aren't up to date, to sit and read blogs other people have written.

A heard a pastor once say that a little girl who was 6 years old be excited about going down the water slide at a church camp. The reason she was happy was because she has medical problems. Pastor said, that she had said, "it's amazing I can still go down this water slide after 3 heart surgeries and 2 pacemakers later." Really, even if you reading this have health issues, hearts problems or any other ordeal, stop and think about it. This little girl, still had hope in her heart, and confidence on her mind, and she's already had that many heart surgeries, and replacements of a little machine called the pacemaker at the age of 6.
It ceases to amaze me at the hope some of us have, and then the some of us who have no respect of judgement of how "bad" off we really are.

Once time I was in Subway that resides in Walmart getting something to eat. I looked over and saw a woman with a broken foot helping this little boy find the handle to the buggy. He was carrying a guide stick. A boy at the age of 4-6 was blind. My heart tore to pieces. Yes, I have vision problems, such as allergic reactions t certain contact materials and solutions. I complain about wearing glasses, or how blurry my contacts make my eyes at times, but to think a boy so young not be able to see the daily world around him. The environment and it's different spects of colors. I felt very uptight and selfish.

So why would we say "fml"? Don't we ever look around and notice we have a house to live in when others don't? Don't we ever look at the food we're eating, even if it is nasty, and think of a starving human being, woman, man or child, that is out there in the world? Don't we ever think of a someone who is covering up and trying to get warmth from a card board box, when we're all wrapped up in our smelly good, warm, cozy blankets?
When we're driving in our cars, and complaining about the price of gas, don't we ever think of the person who has to walk 6-25 miles just to go to work or wherever their destination may be?
Don't we ever stop and think of the positives, that our life consists of?
I didn't think so.

So the usage of "fml" deeply, seriously, and controversly serves no purpose.
There's no judging on how bad your life is, or how bad the person sitting beside you is. When you didn't have a home 5 years ago, and now you do, where do you get you need your life f'ed over again, when things are better than 5 years ago?
Or homeless, starving, poor people as well. Things get better, but you have to have the positive stand point about it. Saying screw/f' my life means, well you have no hope in your life.

God's a healer, friends are laughs. Laughs are the healing power of all things.
We have each and everyday to think about. Not just how bad a day you are having makes you want to give up, it should make you want to think about how much you're going to make tomorrow an even better day than today.

The Little Girl I once knew...
This little girl I once knew, seemed quite like the girl I know now. Who is the little girl? This little girl is me.
Teresa, my mom, was pregnant with a little girl named Carah Catherine. They weren't expecting her till about February 13, but on January 29, 1992, they rushed to the hospital. Around 14:30 my mom started her labor, expecting her child. About 23:41 this little girl was born, and they were more excited than ever. She was 21 inches long and weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces. Paul, my dad, was about to cut the embical cord when the doctor rushed in saying they were about to go into labor with another child. Yes, my parents freaked. Than 21 minutes after the first girl was born, they birthed another little girl. The second little girl measured in at 21 inches long, and weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces.
Cathy, my mom's sister, pointed out that the first girl would be Catherine. She than decided the middle name to be Elizabeth, but Teresa changed the spelling to an s instead of a z. The second girl would be Carah, but they still hadn't figured out the middle name. The next day, Paul came into the room with Teresa, and the 2 new little ones in his life, and said, "If Bradley, (my second oldest brother), was a girl weren't we going to name him Ashley? So let's name her Carah Ashley." This is how I came into the world.
When they called, Teresa's parents, my grandparents Whited, my grandfather had answered the phone. My mom said, "We had girls!" My grandfather said, "Oh boy, a girl." Mom said, "No daddy, we had girls, pluralized." He said, "Here talk to your mom, I'm confused and don't quite understand what you're saying." Finally, my grandma had figured out what my mom was saying, that they had two girls not just one. My grandfather had rushed out to make another handmade table. He also "had" to buy a double stroller. My grandmother had to make another quilt and afghan.
Adam, my eldest brother, was excited to have not just one sister to come home, but two. He thought the two sisters were going to clean for him, so he wouldn't have chores to do, but he thought wrong.
As a child, my parents split when I was four. My dad left my mom hanging while she was at church on a Wednesday night, and he also had many affairs on her. Oh well that's the past.
Adam, used to stay with my dad's parents most of the time. So he basically grew up there. When my parents split in June, my mom and us four kids moved from "our" house to a house across the street from her parents. My dad had left and took us to his parents house, until my mom moved out. He refurbished the house, and did some minor detail work. When we finally moved back in the house in January, our house burnt June 1 of 2001. We moved back in with his parents. When it was our time to be with him, we were staying at my grandparents. I went back and forth every Thursday to each house. One week with my mom and the next week with my dad. I never moved schools, or countys.
My dad remarried in May of 2003, and has been married ever since. My mom remarried November of 2006. They just got their divorce finalized a little less than a month ago. He was in our life for money. My mom is now in debt, lives a rough life because of the harshness he created. He's not very nice mannered, especially to punch me in the side of the face on Thanksgiving day of 2008.
I'm not saying my dad's the best, because he surely isn't much of a father. He never paid doctor bills, insurances, bought school supplies or helped clothe our backs. I've saw him crucially harm my brothers. Not much detail into that, but the matter of the word is, he was never a real father in the first place, just our "sperm donor".
I grew up with my bestest friend Savanna, who's 18, married, has two kids of her own. She was a high school dropout as well. Some friends just never cease to amaze you, especially when you look back and never imagined to have pictured today like it is happening or has happened lately.
I've only had a "few" boyfriend's in my life. Nothing really major, until two & a half years ago when I started dating the love of my life. He's my bestest friend ever.
My grandparents would pick us up and take Catherine and I to church.I grew up in church since then; I've went from Methodist to Pentecostal, back to Methodist, and like my momma always said, once you go Holiness Pentecostal, you never go back. She definitely told the truth when she said that. I know go to a Pentecostal style church. I love God, with everything in me. I'm not a perfect christian, and nor will I ever be. I try my hardest to be what is expected from our holy word. I have the power of annointing, and I have spoken in tongues before. I have always believed in the Holy Spirit not the Holy Ghost, because the spirit of God is no Ghost. Ghosts to me are mythical and devilish like. God is no devil, he's the real deal. I carry God on my heart.
I have went to the same public school system my whole life. Not the best school, but I've been educated to my desire, and I plan on furthing my education in college.
When I was a young girl, I had vision problems. My mom never believed me, and still didn't when the nurses wrote home how bad my vision was. It took her three years to take me to the eye doctor and to realize I couldn't see. She definitely apologized for that manner she mis-inhabited. So I've wore glasses almost ten years now.
I don't really have much to say, about my life growing up as a child. Memories are just images in your mind created and to be remember from the past. Memories are also there in a way to help us look back on what we've done or said, and it's more of a life lesson to recall the mistakes we once made.

Our Love Story... :)
It all began, July of 2007. I was with a complete jerk, named Jamie. He was my best friend, Savanna's, cousin. Well their cousin Chris had just graduated high school, and was about to leave for Army boot camp. So they decided to throw him a graduation party, and a good luck party all together. My brother Will took me to this party. It was fun and all, I just wasn't very happy.
A few moments into the party I look over to where Will was standing. He was with a bunch of guys, not that it really mattered, but in all reality it did. I caught glimpse of a set of brown eyes. I thought he was some 19-21 year old, who I would probably never see again so why dream? I for some reason could not get this cute boy out of my mind.
Come the end of August beginning of September, I was starting out a Sophomore in High School. I was sitting in my third block class, waiting for the rest of the members to slowly creep on in. I look up and saw someone walking through those German 1 classroom doors. Guess who it was? Yes, it was this cute brown eyed boy that had paired his eyes with mine only a few months before. I was like what do I say? What do I do? I actually thought I'd never see him again. This brown eyed boy's name is Daniel Mitchell, and he was starting out his Senior year that year.
The first thing I say to him, without trying to be extremely excited was, "You know my brother William Crosier!?" He responded, "I sure do."
Two weeks into the first 9 weeks, we'd already became partners. Of course, I did all the work, and he relaxed. I helped him on tests, on quizzes, on homework, and on all the vocabulary. I even did his homework, sometimes. I really started to grow fond of him. I didn't know what to do, seeing Jamie lived 67 miles away, and had no care in the world of who I was. All he cared was that he had control over me. I would never fully give into his selfish ways.
Daniel, knew I was unhappy. He asked everyday, or nearly every week when I was going to break up with my "boyfriend". Jamie, was a little obsessed with me, I didn't want to end it thinking he would kill himself. Just one of those types of relationships. Daniel threw my books, binders, pencils, and everything else that I would have lying on my desk into the floor. He took my lotions from me. We have an inside joke about the lotions. He also took my pink pearl eraser and my lead pencil, and stabbed the pencil into the eraser, and would make the tip of the pencil sharp. He did that every single day for 2 months in class. Our teacher Miss Rohm, at the time, would always tell us stories. She told us how she met her 'fiance' in her German Class, and that it was a tradition that someone meets in German class and ends up getting married. Where she went to school, it always happened. It even happened to her and her fiance, and her teacher and his wife as well. Amy Miles, one day said, "I know who the couple is in this class that will end up getting married! Daniel and Carah." Daniel and I hadn't even became a couple or partners for the class at this rate.
Come November, I bought Daniel some candy for his birthday. Right before Christmas I broke my finger, and Daniel played it as a hobby to sit in class and flick my broken pinky finger. He'll laugh at it to this day. Around December we started passing notes back and forth to each other in class. My sister, Catherine, was also in the same class. She knew that I had feelings for Daniel. So her and I would sit in class and talk about a certain boy".
We always said how I liked this boy, and we didn't know if he liked me back, that we thought he did. Daniel always listened in trying to guess or get a clue of who it was. We started messaging each other on Myspace, just as friends. Until one day, we were writing back and forth in a note. He stopped writing to me. I get the letter back saying what were you and Catherine talking about? I told him that there was the boy I liked, and we had a feeling he felt the same. He didn't respond the rest of the class period, which kind of made me a little nervous. Right before the bell rang, he hands me the note back and walks off. I open it, and in big bold letters he had wrote, "MEEEE!!!!"
I started giggling, and got butterflies so bad, I didn't know what to say. Was he saying he liked me, or that he knew I was a little over flirty?
We didn't talk about that for days, until Christmas had passed. He asked me to download myspaceim, and we would begin talking that way. By the beginning of January, I had broken it off with Jamie, with the help of Daniel's encouragement.
One day during class, Daniel said he was a "hoe". I said, "Will you be my hoe?" He said, "Sorry, I am only a hoe on Tuesday, and today is Wednesday." So I said, "Well my birthday is this coming Tuesday." He told me to meet him at his car after school on Tuesday. He brought me home for my birthday, for the first time ever. We began talking, and expressing a little bit of feelings.
Thursday, February 21 of 2008 he calls me and says to check my photo comment on myspace. I told him that my internet was down, the only persons I could use was my next door neighbor. He was like well go check. I didn't get to. So he finally said, "I was thinking about asking you out tomorrow night for dinner and a movie, if you will wear this shirt, and these pants..." I of course was more than excited at this news. So Friday, February 22, we went on our first date. He took me to Olive Gardens, and to see Vantage Point in theaters. I fell asleep with my head in his shoulder in the movie, shh, he doesn't exactly know that. ;)
We kind of slipped our hands over the arm rest and were holding them all the way till the end of the movie, and as we walked to the parking lot. He always got mad too, because I'd put my hands under my legs while in the car, but not that night of course. When he dropped me off, he told me that he would see me Monday at school. I had waited a few minutes in the car, to see what he would say. Well come Saturday, he called me and invited me over to his house. When he came and got me, he said, "Hope you don't mind if an old friend comes over tonight, he kind of stopped by on his own." I didn't mind.
His old time friend, was actually my god-cousin Andrew Burdette. This world is a small world. When Andrew went upstairs to get a drink of water, Daniel looked at me and said, "I know what you wanted in the car last night." I said, "and that is?" He said, "You wanted to kiss me, but I don't kiss on the first date, but I do the second." He kissed me right than and there.
We became "Friends with benefits". A week after, he went to Jesus Jam. A few hours before he left for Jesus Jam, he messaged me saying that he wished he could have his lips up against mine. When he came home, he didn't want to be "friends with benefits" anymore, so we were just friends. But when we were together he always wanted to kiss me.
I was playing soccer during these first few months that we got closer and closer in. He would wait hours and hours, sometimes from 6-12 at night. He waited this whole time I was at soccer games, or practices, just so he could talk to me. We always end up both falling asleep at our computers. If it wasn't me falling asleep, it would be him or vice versa.
I had already began attending the same church he did. He had mentioned it to me in class one day that I should come visit his church sometime. So I messaged him asking him about it on Myspace, and he gave me the times for their church schedule. I just randomly showed up one Sunday night. When I saw his dad on stage, I knew it was his dad, because they are identical. He introduced me to his mom, and his sister.
Come March, I had been going there for about a month and a half. We were talking on Myspace instant message one Sunday night, and he told me he was thinking about a question he had been wanting to ask me. We always played the question game, so I wasn't sure what he was thinking of this time, especially when he made me guess the question. I started guessing, and guessing some more, until finally I said, "gf/bf". He told me maybe and to continue guessing, so I did. He finally stopped me when I was about to give up and told me that I had already guessed the question. I said, "What?" He said, "You said gf/bf." I said, "Okay, and...?" He said, "I'm asking you out dingle berry." I ran into the bathroom to where my mom was and started crying and screaming of joy. She was like what, did he ask you out? :)
He said we wouldn't be official till the next Sunday, for when he was originally going to ask me. The next night, Monday, when we were talking on IM, he said that we would make it official at 12 o'clock that night. It would be Tuesday, April 1 2008 at 12 am. A few weeks later, on April 26, we went to his Senior Prom together, and that's the night other things happened, that I will never regret.
A week and a half later, he wasn't the Daniel I was dating. May 7, he was suppose to pick me up for church, and he never showed. He said, "He decided he didn't want to go at the last minute." The next night was a Thursday, and I came home from a soccer game. He said we needed to talk. So we did. He said he wasn't sure if he loved me and that we needed to take a break and to try seeing other people. Yes, I hit the hardwood floor, crashing my face right into the floor. I cried harder than I had ever cried before. So I went the rest of the school year with out this boy. I told him that night that he ended it, that I'd wait for him. I would not date anyone, and I truly meant it to. He let me keep the necklace that his grandparents got him for swimming one year. I wore that thing everyday, in the shower, to bed. I never took it off.
By August, he was messaging me, asking how I was doing. He asked me over one night, so we could talk. So August 24, I went to his house, instead of going to church. I could tell as he inched his way closer and closer that he missed me. The next day, I walked to his grandfather's house after he got out of College. He told me that he missed me, and that he went two months with me constantly on his mind. He said he tried everything to push me out of his mind. His heart telling him to go, and his mind kept telling him no. He said our kind of relationship goes along with the song Gunslinger by Avenged Sevenfold. After that, he tried getting me to come over, and hang with him. I was meaning to, but I ended up being busy every chance we were suppose to. Finally, by the end of September, we hung out. He said he had been meaning to tell me that he was thinking of something. He was thinking of him and I. Meaning he wanted me back, of course I said yes. I waited for four months for him to say this. People always telling me he never loved me, and would never come back. His true best friend, Jeramy, always told me that he knew he would come back. We blew off those four months that we were apart, it's like we never ended it, and we don't even count it as ending, just some time apart. We've been together ever since. Not one break up.
This boy is my world. Every day is a new adventure for us. In March of 2009, he decided to fill out papers to join the Marine Corps. He ended up leaving in May of 2009. That was the hardest day of my life. The "longest" we'd been apart, besides the break that we don't count, was four days. That was in January of 2009, when I went to the inauguration. He was miserable than too. I didn't know how I was going to get through 89 days without him, but I did it. I wrote him letters almost everyday of boot camp. From May 17 - August 7. Getting those letters were like better than the ocean crashing on a peaceful night, at the beach. August 14 of 2009, I re-fell in love with the boy I had missed for 89 long dreadful days. I got a first new kiss all over again. Writing those letters brought us closer and closer. He came home, as a 92-day reservists, so I got the lucky end of being a United States Marine Girlfriend, besides the fact, he was schooling, and working, while going to duty and drills.
In November, his mom and I had a little bit of a falling out, that one day God will fix. It is just going to take some time. In December, he and I almost fell apart, but nothing love can't fix. It just made us stronger, and knowing that no matter what we love each other, and we can conquer anything with that love bondage that we have.
He left again in May of 2010 for his MCT, and MOS schooling. This time, I only had to go 28 days without seeing him. My mom and I went to his MCT family day/Graduation. He said he really knew how much he missed me, at the time he saw me walking through the MCX Store. That was June 14 and 15. I graduated High School the 11 of June, it definitely sucked without having him there, but being able to see him a few days after made up for it. I wrote him, 28 letters while he was gone to MCT. On June 16, his grandmother passed away. That was a scary and hard time for me, because I didn't know how he would react, or how he would mess up his career. He did get to come home on the 18, and left the 21. Just having him home for the funeral, and just to be there with his family, was the best thing ever. He is one strong man, and I wish everyday that I could have his courage and his strength.
He also got to come home July 2-5 of 2010. We had our first 'Summer' date on July 3 of 2010. We went to the movies and saw Toy Story 3, and went to Red Robins afterwards. I always have fun being with him, it's a never ending story of my smile when he is around. He has about 28 or 35 days left of MOS, until he will be home again, I cannot wait. It's so exciting. I know this time, I will not chicken out of jumping in his arms. Being able to talk to him every night, is actually hard, because it makes me miss him more. He might have deployment duty come this January, I'm not ready to hear the news, but I made it through boot camp, I can make it through deployment. Our love conquers everything. I plan on marrying Daniel, and I'm sure he feels the same since he calls me future wifey.
We just at least want me to have 3 to 4 years of college done, and for us both being financially able to depend on each other. He also wants to be Cpl or higher before we get engaged or married. I wish everyday for it to be sooner, but only time will tell. I will wait to marry him, no matter how long it takes. I'll be waiting....
Our love is a never ending story, it's just a puzzle filling in the pieces.

Daniel Seth Mitchell, I love you, with every being that I am. You're my light in the world of darkness. Forever and a day we will be.

The Girls who Stand in The same Style Shoes I do. ♥
Well as I have said, I am a Marine's girlfriend. No matter if I am a Marine's girlfriend, or any other branch, I'd stick by him, and only him, besides my girls boyfriends/husbands. Also, the boys that are my friends who serve right along with the others.
I just wanted to vent about my girls, and who they are.
1) - Geena; she's my virginian-er. She is an Army girlfriend, and his name is Danny. Right now he is serving his term over in Iraq. But in a little over a month-ish he will be returning home to her. She is so dedicated to him. I love getting on facebook and reading their love story. Their love story as in being everything they post about each other or to each other. It's quite inspiring, if I say so myself. She always says, "She's his soldier back home, and he is her soldier." She is deeply in love with him. We can just sit on facebook and talk about those boys of ours all day long, back and forth, and usually we don't repeat what we've already said. She's strong, compassionate, and truly dedicated to love, honor, courage within every tribulation of distance.
2)-Caitlin; she's from Michigan, the Mitten. She's also a Marine girlfriend. She has yet to go through a lot of tribulations of how the Marine Corps treats and abuses orders. She did go through some rough patterns of when her Marine was to graduate, and even through all the stress she stuck it out, and pushed right on through! Her and I, well we're just alike, besides the fact she's brown headed, and I'm a blond. She's ditzy just like me. She loves her Marine, and definitely takes it with a sense of pride.
3)- Brittany Butler; she's from Louisiana. She's very in love with her Marine. Even though they've had some hard rough patches like us all. She loves him more and more everyday. She is about to soon be in the shoes of deployment. I know she is strong willed and can do anything that is set on her plate.
4)- Amy; she's from New York. We've gotten to know each other over the past two months. Her Marine is her biggest inspiration. She'd set everything down, and marry him right now if she could. Their marriage is set for June of 2011. Amy, went into this style of relationship when he was already a Marine (I do believe). Even though she wasn't with him before, she loves him. She's more willing to put her life in a set situation or really an unknown type situation lifestyle, because she knows he's the one. There's not much to say about Amy, besides the fact I know no matter what I can confide in her (along with my other girls).
5)- Emily Lackey; she's from Virgina as well. We graduated high school together. I was probably one of the people who helped her through boot camp stage. Her and John, are getting married this coming October. It was going to be January, but of course, something always gets ruined by the Marine Corps. She's strong as well, and she works hard for everything they have and will have, the same goes for him. They've been best friend for years, and it took a couple times dating different people before they realized they were made for each other. Their story is rather intriguing. It hasn't been a complete year being together as a couple, but this is the couple that needs to be vowed in together. It's a Godsend. They both love each other very dearily.
6)-Taylor; she's from DC. She's in love with a Marine named Adam. This girl will text me and tell me how much she misses him. That she cannot wait to be with this boy she loves so dearly. Soon enough she's going to travel to see him. I know she's a little excited. I also get to meet her very soon. I'm a little stoked about that as well. Taylor, she's different. She has a heart of gold, and she will listen to any problem you have or need help with. She's understanding to every little detail (same with Geena*).

This isn't a list of all my girls, and they're not in order. There is no specific order to them, because to me they're all my "SemperFi Sisters" because they're al faithful to their soldier or their Marine.
Most girls who are in a military relationship are very understanding. No matter your problem, if it is a problem at home, school, drama on facebook, or anything they are always there.
I love them all so very much.
Girls: we always say, "Distance doesn't mean anything when it comes to love. No matter the miles, no matter what kind of hardship, we will stand by our men and support them. We will never be a foot or an inch behind them, we're always going to take every step they take even if we're not really there with them." :)

avowal of a military girlfriend
I myself, am a military girlfriend, and there are a lot of times that I feel the need to confess what it's like. My boyfriend is a United States Marine, he is one of the few, and the proud, as so am I.
I may not be in the Corps, but I follow the Corps where it may go or seek. He is the Marine and I am his girl.
I definitely sit at home a lot and wonder what he's doing. It's a constant thing. I would love to know his job, his security, and what type of people he's with. There are times when I have heard NEVER trust the female Marines. Not that I don't trust them, I just don't trust any of their actions. When your boyfriend is a hundred to ten thousand miles away from where you are, you just happen to wonder what is actually happening around them. I know I have a constant count down of days. Not that it's ever correct, because knowing the Corps, they'll ruin your whole excitement of how close you are. There have been times when he had to leave early from home, or stay longer at the station he is placed. It does not motivate me, it breaks me.
The Corps has broke in my heart. No matter what they do though, I'll always be here waiting ever so "patiently" for my love.
Yes, the Corps breaks not only him during boot camp, but as for you too. They'll tear everything you ever felt for him apart, but it's sewed back together by the love that you share. They'll never fully break the bond that we share. Yes, deep down, I absolutely hate the Marine Corps. I hate them for showing the world, and asking members to serve. I know that he wanted to become a Marine before I even met him, but for him to have the desire to become one during our relationship, has been insane.
Don't get me wrong, I love the Corps for making him happy, and loving his job. He is so proud of his accomplishments, as much or not not even as much as I am proud of what he has done for himself. This is our future. I still haven't prepared myself for as long as he's going to be. A 20-30 year term is a hard one on me, because I see it as we won't have a house or settled down on our own until I'm about 50 years old.
But good considerations of the Marine Corps is that we get to travel the world.
I have yet to go through deployment. I will never be prepared enough for when he looks me in the eyes or tells me over the phone that he will be deployed, whenever that may be. A year long wait, will just show us how strong we are, and how far our love will go.
We are the couple who waits for marriage. After boot camp we were together 16 months. Most couples are together 4-6 months after boot camp, some more than he and I were. The ones who are not married, or have been together such a short time usually get engaged right after they graduate boot camp. Maybe because they have benefits, or to get housing after they are officially stationed after finishing with their schooling. My Marine and I would love to be married, but we're waiting till we are both financially able to keep one another stable for the rest of our lives. We don't want to be in debt, or have to worry about money issues.
Yes, I definitely get very jealous of the couples who are getting married, and to hear them talk about marriage, but I wait it out, because it'll be worth it in the end.
The part of it is, I wait for him. I hate not being able to see his face everyday, kiss his lips whenever I want to, just be held close when I need it. Being 100 times the miles he usually is when he is home, is what I hate the most. I would love to be with him, all the time. But I can't be.
I am so proud of whathe is doing for our future. No matter where he goes I'll go. :)
♥ I love him, & I'll wait for him. Through all the hardships, I know love is worth ever altitude. :)


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